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Minecraft Useful Interior Mod

Le 30 June 2019, 22:52 dans Lifestyle 0

Useful Interior mod adds a large number of blocks of furniture and accessories for decorating your premises. After installing the mod in the game, tables, chairs, wardrobes, bedside tables, a coffee maker with cups, a sink, a safe, a hammock, a wastebasket and many other useful and not only things will appear. Now you will have the opportunity to show everyone what your imagination is capable of.

An update called Useful Interior will certainly be useful to you. More than a hundred different decorative items that diversify the interior of your home in minecraft. You can furnish everything - from the kitchen, to the bathroom, the guest room and even nice to decorate the patio of your house ...


  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Move files from archive to mods

Red Ball 4

Le 30 December 2018, 05:26 dans Lifestyle 0

Red Ball 4

The Red Ball 4 game has reached frenzied popularity among gamers. This fact is very surprised the developers of the game, as they could not hope for such an enchanting result. Simple plot, cartoon drawing and the usual ball in the lead role. Nothing unique, but this simplicity won the players. Therefore, it was decided to extend the series about the adventures of this brave creature, and each time, everything turns out to be more dynamic. A prime example of these events is the Red Ball 4.

Santa Claus saves Minecraft Christmas Video

Le 30 December 2018, 05:21 dans Lifestyle 0

Santa Claus saves Minecraft Christmas

Evil pirates decided to cancel Christmas and pick up all the gifts from Santa Claus. What will happen next...

Source: BIGnoob

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