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Sonic Similarities

Le 2 juin 2016, 16:11 dans Humeurs 0

Sonic Similarities

Hedgehog Sonic again goes in search of adventures with his friends. Now he has a lot to do, and you have to perform one task. Watch the adventures of the hero, seeing the image on the left and right of the screen. It would seem that they do not resemble each other, but it is not fully true. Some places are identical images, so rather seek out the similarities. Time enough then, but after passing the level indefinitely - it's not sport, and not even interesting. Try to set your personal record, having found the same place as soon as possible. For each correct hit you will be added points, and for the slip - taken away. Hopes have to care rather than on luck.

Angry Birds: Out of the Game to Movie

Le 2 juin 2016, 15:40 dans Humeurs 0

Angry Birds Movie

Back in 2009, it came to light a game called Angry Birds. It captures she minds of gamers worldwide. I myself played it, I love it. Then, off we go, every kind product-pleysment, is spreading around the world. However, this year alone, there was a full-length cartoon, Finno-American production. I was interested in them, went to him in the movie.

In fact, this is a prequel to the game, in the form of an animated film. Everybody knows about the birds, but no one has ever revealed their origins, motivations, how they met the pigs and so on. Here, it's all there.

Angry Birds

I like this. The result was a great cartoon prequel by Angry Birds Online Games, which tells the story of three famous birdies in three colors (oil oily) - Reda (red bird), Chuck (yellow bird) and bomb (black bird). In the cartoon a stunning level of animation and drawing, I like, very much like painted water, feathers of birds, the atmosphere itself. Although the cartoon and comes in 3D (which I personally tired), it is quite bright and multitsvetnoy. Humor in the cartoon, specific enough, obviously not for the children's age. An excellent soundtrack, which is a group Limp Bizkit! Incidentally, the cartoon looks, in the same breath, I did not notice how he ended.

In conclusion, I want to say, do not listen to the critics, go to the movies, make your opinion!

King of Air Guitar

Le 25 mai 2016, 13:44 dans Humeurs 0

Todo el mundo le gusta la música, y muchos sueño de convertirse en músicos. Especialmente entre los jóvenes. Y especialmente entre muchos de su deseo de convertirse en tan sólo los músicos de rock, ya que es sin duda la mejor y más inmortal género de la música. Él inspira a la gente a las grandes obras, y enciende la llama en sus corazones, dando fuerza a la realización de los sueños. Salir al escenario, tocando una roca ardiente, y dejar que la multitud agitando los brazos y el baile. Que todos ellos grito y silbido, sólo debe aparecer en el punto de mira. Convertido en su ídolo.

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