Parse methods of obtaining the command block

In Minecraft opportunity command block emerged since the advent of version 1.4, with which the players were able to enjoy the latest features. From this point the notion of command block, and it turned out to be interconnected with the console commands. Unfortunately, manually create it will not work.

Command Block refers to a special subject, which shall be made and recorded a variety of ciphers. Once this is done, it performs the intended command signal upon receipt of Redstone. A similar thing is quite versatile and designed to significantly expand both opportunities and powers of map makers with adventure mode to play Minecraft games online. Using such a place can be take any country, and they are opened during the game quite uncomplicated action - by pressing the right mouse button. After such action of the window appears in which certain characters are present.

How to get the command block

As already mentioned - such a thing can not be done alone, and many of the players as a popular game similar fact quite upset. The reason for the introduction of such a restriction may be noted such nuance that command block Minecraft is able to open a truly impressive features. For example, using their player is able to control the map and video chatting at the same time with all the players.

Based on the fact, independent of its manufacturer does not imply, however there is one option - to buy it using any of the options listed below:

  1. Become a creator server - each of them can use the possibility of the command block.
  2. Ask the administrator rights of a specific server. To do this, use the following content: «give Player command_block» with the obligatory indication of the name of the character. If you do it right then you should definitely give the right.
  3. Use special cheat code for Minecraft and is already using it to make a command block. But we should remember that you need to choose a specific server, allowing for use in games such codes. The final stage will be the activation of which is carried out through the red stone and its action.