Sonic Mania

A new part of the cult series of two-dimensional platformers will be released on PC next week and will receive SplitScreen multiplayer. Pixelated Hedgehog, Chanterelle and Echidna are waiting for you!

Sonic Mania - developed from 2015 platformer, executed in two-dimensional graphics. Traditionally, the player is in a retro-pixel setting of the kostenlose onlinespiele game and makes a mad race, where his opponents will be all sorts of obstacles. And if earlier you could use your attacks on artificial scenery, then in the new part you expect two network modes and three characters to choose from.

Choosing your favorite hero (Fox or Hedgehog), you are free to compete in the race for a while with a friend, and your opponents will be all kinds of balls, rings and sunflowers. In another mode, "Time Attack" action takes place on a large map with a third-person view, and players must perform as many delegated tasks as possible and as quickly as possible. Maps for multiplayer has become larger, and they themselves know how to generate obstacles.

Along with the classic character tricks, in the new game there will be several new products, for example, the ability to Drop dash, allowing to fold into the ball after landing and immediately conduct an attack on the enemy. The graphics has received improvements and now has modern visual effects and colors that do not irritate the iris of the eye.