The Pixelmon server will appeal to fans of the Pokémon world. Catch your own Pokemon and start training him. After reaching a certain level of development of the pet, you can safely master the entire world of Minecraft Browser game by destroying mobs and bosses. The most exciting feature of this server is a Pokemon match with your friends and other players!

The TechoMagic server successfully combined two popular trends in minecraft: working with magic and working with technology. Only here you can feel like a sorcerer-gardener or an alchemist-engineer. Using your imagination and imagination, you can combine in your game the best opportunities of the world of magic with new trends in technology!

The SkytechnoMagik server will make you feel like a great creator! Using all sorts of technologies, create your own industrial area, plant, automated station, store, anything. Improve any aspects of the game at your discretion.

Using the server and your imagination show everyone what you are capable of!