If you are tired of dreary cramming school desk, then welcome to the mysterious Monster High! Here you get to know all the motley company Monster High and watch their many pranks.

Monster High Games are designed based on the popular animated series, which is loved by adults and children of non-standard, far from the concept of templates, colorful legend and flawless execution. Here you can not only see the continuation of this story, but also to take direct part in it!

To begin with, let me introduce the key characters in the series Monster High games. Most of the girls they have long been familiar, because originally there were dolls, which inspired the animators and programmers to settle them in the pixel space. And those who see the Monster High characters for the first time, we hasten to assure you that it is - not scary bloodsuckers and vampires. On the contrary, this charming monsters, which, despite its origins, similar to ordinary teenagers, with all their problems, understandable to every schoolboy, and small joys, successes and aspirations. Just look at these cuties! These Monsters School student will not leave anyone indifferent:

1. Drakulaura - daughter of the famous Hungarian Count - Dracula. It is characterized by emotional and do not eat meat - from the sight of blood may even faint plop.

2. Frankie Stein - a very sociable and convivial daughter of the famous Frankenstein, ready at any moment to come to the rescue.

3. Gulia Yelps - was born in a family of zombies. It is modest and has an independent character. In addition, a very well-read and loves to solve difficult puzzles. Knowing this, it is absolutely all of the Monster High to seek advice is to it.

4. Claudine Woolf - I born a werewolf, but has not lost confidence. She - she still fashionista, which is the cherished dream of the brilliant career of designer clothes.

5. And of course, there are lots of interesting actors with whom you communicate personally Monster High Games.

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