My Little Pony Tales

Little Ponies are preparing to compete in figure skating on roller skates. Bright Eyes (girl) and Lancer (boy) wants to take part in the competition, but are afraid to ask each other to be partners. Girls Bright Eyes give tips how to be more decisive, and the boys are doing the same for the Lancer. But Bright Eyes and Lancer were not ready to use the new identity, and as a result of insult each other. But then they admit that they behaved in other people's advice. By participating in the competition, they occupy the first place. It is for them friendship lesson that should always be themselves.

Look how beautiful - a series of problems in the friendship between a boy and girl. So what's the big deal? you might say. But anyone familiar with the latest seasons of the series, he will appreciate the beauty of this. I should add that the different sexes friendship devoted a minimum of 7 series of 26. There are even about the relationship between the sexes as a whole (series «The Tea Party») this season. And the characters are, by the way, still a schoolgirl (given that they are 12 years of age), they just learn to communicate.

I'd add that I liked this cartoon, because I love horses and would like to see their cartoon characters, but other than that, nothing else. Anyway, I found none. But my daughter really liked the My Little Pony games on the site. The content of it is quite good, but, of course, more important for children than for adults.

In those days, this series went unnoticed. His characters do not have a giant eye, considered by many to attract major number of fans this season. And to compete with a lot of good cartoons that time was impossible. But compared with the fact that in this series is now turned, it goda version 1992 can not be evaluated in less than 10 points.