More recently came fifth continuation of the famous game series The Elders Scrolls, under the proud name of Skyrim. This RPG has taken all the best features from the previous parts of the world Elder Scrolls, and embodied all the most remarkable innovations. You will enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the wonderful world of Skyrim with the new and improved combat system, improved user interface and a continuation of the legendary stories.

Immediately, the first run Skyrim you pay attention to the incredible detail of the world. Each object has its own shade, tree branches swaying very realistic snow dynamic stretches to the great expanses, all this and much more to help revive the world as much as possible. To heighten the effect, the developers have made it possible to turn off the player user interface and enjoy the beauty of Skyrim.

Regarding the combat system, the developers realized that in the last part of it was not thought out a hundred percent. In the fifth part, you can equip different weapons in different hands. For example, you can even take in one hand magic treatment, and the other an ax. This will help you to destroy more powerful rivals. Or you can just take the sword in one hand and in the other the same ax and inflict the maximum amount of damage on their enemies.

Also improved the use of "hotkeys", to do this you will need to initially add a weapon from your inventory to your favorites, and then from favorites assign any key you comfortable. So now, get your favorite weapon be it a bow or sword by pressing a single key. Of the innovations, the developers have also added animation fatal blows to your enemies, it's a little reminded of the combat system of Fallout 3, made by the same theme developers from Behtseda studio.

The dialogues, as in the previous parts of The Elder Scrolls - are an integral part of the game. It costs you something to listen to, and you will lose the opportunity to find something useful for yourself, or to fulfill a secondary quest. And if you get tired of the constant fighting, you can buy a decent house in the virtual world, to prepare food in the kitchen, and then go to the nearest blacksmith and forge a new armor. The developers have tried to make this game more interesting as a possible.

A plot of the game is that the dragons that were considered extinct for thousands of years - started to come back and destroy everything in its path. Kill them, of course, only in your power. But that's how fast you do it?