Snowman in Minecraft

The legendary and exciting Minecraft game provides its members with a great opportunity. Each of you can make a unique helper, namely snow golem or a snowman. Before its creation, make sure that it is this kind you need. It is known that there are the following kinds of snowman in maynkrafte: iron, stone, snow. Depending on the materials used, modified and your wonderful assistant function.

First we need to understand what it is. Snow Golem - is the first in Minecraft "Mob Service", which is created by the player. It features friendly, active and kindness to his master. If he dies, then it falls to fifteen snowballs.


How to make a snowman in your favorite game? If it is vitally important to you, then move on. You will need two snow block any pumpkin or jack-o'-lantern. Pumpkin is used as the head, and the snow - the body. Units set on each other and on top of the pumpkin. Kraft snow golem on the bench will not work, since it does not come to life.


Now you know how you can do it yourself with the help of available tools. But there is a logical question, what it is and how it benefits from? Given that the snowman is detrimental only Ifrit and no one else, it is important enough in the Minecraft 1.5.2 game. For example, if you make a few of these assistants and expose them, you can protect yourself from the zombies. They will not be able to overcome such an interesting barrier and get to you, because of the powerful and continuous bombardment of snowballs.

You can lure any enemies and detractors in the trap of using it as a gain. Snowman will be useful when you need to open the door, the door or window. With it, you can move the shortest route, without the various barriers.