This is a surprising fact: I've always remembered some minor things in films, which lead me to the wild delight and total review becomes eventually greenbacks.

1. I really liked the costumes killers. These chic American style mask (only one mask toothed bloody rabbit in the sexy girl that is), these incredible dresses and beetle-crusher, adorned with sequins and rhinestones, costumes, combining Victorian era and the "casual-style '.. Yes, it was definitely cool and exciting!

2. The heroine, playing a senator. Such an austere teacher of erotic fantasies. But it is completely assembled and determined, without there hysterics. Directed really made it extremely positive hero, but not corny, but it is a realistic, pragmatic vumen.

3. The heroine, who plays shopkeeper friend. It is strange, but of all the actors of her game, I liked the most. Smart, brave, hard-soft. It was really nice to watch its storyline.

Episodes that are not liked, definitely more. And there is not even in comparison with the earlier parts of the film. Just everything is so predictable that it was not difficult to predict what will happen and who will give the soul following God. On the whole, the movie came out without a "nerve" as I like.

But the film is certainly watchable. For the very idea of Judgment Night scary and unbelievable. I can not imagine how a society should be to officially enter the Judgment Night in the state. I would simply fly away to the place where I will not get on the 12:00 horror.