Zombie apocalypse scenario - one of the most popular in modern fiction. Subject that at one point all our friends, family, and indeed all people can become crazy monsters, possessed by a thirst for human flesh, whether it is the fault of the monstrous errors of the global corporation or simply a result of unfortunate circumstances, be used in a variety of masterpieces of the media market and, of course, in the zombie games.

Modernity is fraught with many dangers and human negligence can easily lead to a global catastrophe, which will cause the conversion of all people living corpses. Games Zombies will take you in a world filled with dangerous monsters that and strive to get to your brain! Destroy them all available means and any weapon - online game Plants vs. Zombies 2 on puppo.ru allows you to do it with ease and pleasure! But do not think that you are waiting for opponents harmless - journey through the dark spaces swarming undead will not be for you a pleasure trip.

The gloomy character of mass culture - zombies, now known to all: from babies to learn to speak almost to ubelёnnyh haired retirees. A fantastic way to lively corpses filled a media space. They are everywhere: in movies, cartoons, internet. Games about zombies - one of the most popular entertainment of kids and young people.

As you are opening online zombie games for the boys' perspective? Not really? Then do not waste time: enjoy the last days of calm, but do not forget to prepare. No one knows exactly when the trouble comes. A zombie can hardly write about the beginning of their invasion to Facebook.